Travel isn’t the same as it used to be in the midst of COVID-19. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have an enjoyable summer. For pool owners, the perfect staycation awaits! You’ll be taking advantage of crystal-clear, cool water right in your own backyard paradise. We’ve put together some items that are a must-have for the perfect pool-side summer staycation. And because it’s in the comfort of your own home there’s no need for masks!

1. Essentials for Your Pool Bag

Although your home is just steps away from your pool during your staycation, it’s still helpful to pack a pool bag with essentials like sunscreen, water, sunglasses, your phone and any reading materials so you’re not running back and forth into the house. If you have kids, this is especially helpful.

2. Fun Features

Leisure Pools offers swimming pools that come packed with features perfect for a staycation like a built-in spa or splash deck. You can also add on features to your pool like water features, or swim jets! Depending on the features you choose, your pool can look (and feel) like a five-star resort.

3. The Perfect Playlist

As you’re chilling by the pool, you need the perfect swimming pool play list to relax to. At Leisure Pools, we understand the importance of great pool-side music, so we put together this playlist on Spotify! Also, portable Bluetooth speakers are great for the pool, or you can install speakers around your swimming pool for great sound quality.

4. Relaxing Lounge Chair

Whether you’re enjoying a nap by the pool, a good book or working on your tan, a comfortable lounge chair is important. Plus, lounge chairs and the cushions you choose play a role in your overall pool décor. There are many options to choose from with lounge chairs. So why not shop for lounge chairs?

5. Food and Drinks

You’re on staycation, so to make it feel it feel like you’re truly at a resort, why not prepare some tasty food and cocktails? A margarita or piña colada will definitely get you in the holiday spirit. If you have an outdoor kitchen by your pool, it makes preparing and storing food and drinks a breeze.

6. Summer Reading List

A staycation is a great time to catch up on your reading. Start now and put together the perfect summer reading list.

7. Set the Mood with Décor

When planning your staycation, why not incorporate décor that gives the feel of an exotic vacation? Tiki torches are a nice touch as well strings of lights, palm trees and exotic, flowering plants and little umbrellas for your drinks.

8. Don’t Forget Shade

It can get hot, so shade is very helpful. A simple umbrella can work, or you can use a pop-up tent or build a pool-side shelter. The benefit of a pool-side shelter is you can add a ceiling fan and even a fire place!

9. Create an Ambiance

Having the right lighting for your pool and pool area helps create a nice ambiance. Choose from a variety of options and colours for both!

10. Time with Family

Since parties and get-together with groups of people are frowned upon during this time, it’s a great opportunity to connect with the people you live with–your family! Use your staycation for playtime with the kids or date nights by the pool with your spouse or partner.

Are you ready to get on the path to pool ownership and enjoy your own pool-side staycation? Contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming Quality and Style.