In the wake of COVID-19, many people worry about travel and staying at crowded resorts. But if you have your own backyard paradise, you can enjoy the benefits of a resort in the comfort and safety of your own property–without the trouble of catching plans or the expense of accommodations. Transforming your backyard space into a resort-like setting can happen with these steps:

Set the Stage with a Pool

One of the key attributes that makes a resort so relaxing and enjoyable is the pool. But luxurious resorts don’t have just any pool–they have amazing pools that are stunning. With Leisure Pools, you’re in luck. We produce pool designs that are beautiful and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Choose from a sleek, modern design like our rectangular pools or choose a combination pool. Plus, you can even choose your pool colour! Choose from eight shimmer colours. View our colour range here.

Bring the Beach to Your Backyard with a Splash Deck

A splash deck is a great addition to your pool. It offers a consistent, shallow depth that’s perfect for sun bathing–it’s just like having your beach chair in the shallow waters of the ocean to stay cool. Some of our pools are combination pools that offer a built-in splash deck like the  Absolute, Acclaim and Reflection with Splash Deck. View our pool gallery here.

Add a Wow Factor with a Water Feature

A water feature is not only breathtaking, but it offers the tranquil sound of cascading water. Leisure Pools offer several different water feature options and each can be tiled to coordinate with your pool and home’s colour scheme. View our water features here.

Create Ambiance with Lighting

Having accent lighting can create a lovely ambiance around your pool space. In addition to outdoor lighting, you can also opt for pool lighting. At night, it will give your pool a beautiful glow. Learn more about our pool lighting options here.

Soak in a Spa

Another great feature that resorts have–that you can also add to your backyard space–is a spa. A spa offers warm, massaging water that’s perfect for rejuvenation or for curing sore muscles. Soaking in a spa can even help you sleep better. You can add our  Capri Spa to your backyard pool space or you can choose one of our combination pools that has a built in spa like the Allure or Absolute.

Outdoor Kitchen

At a resort, you can order food and drinks while relaxing by the pool. At home, although you may not be able to have a waiter or waitress on hand, you can have an outdoor kitchen by your pool that makes enjoying a cocktail or bite to eat a whole lot easier. Your outdoor kitchen can have a refrigerator and freezer for storing food, drinks and ice and a grill for cooking. Some people even enjoy building a bar where family or friends can hang out and enjoy a cold beer or cocktails complete with a TV screen.


To truly create a paradise, landscaping is a must. You can give your pool space a tropical vibe with palm trees and flowering plants and you can even add rocks and boulders to complete the feel. The landscaping possibilities are endless!


Your backyard resort isn’t complete without some background music. You’ve probably noticed when staying at resorts that the music varies greatly. Some have a modern electronic sound while others may choose music that is more chill and relaxing. At your resort, you can choose whatever you want! But no matter what you choose, be sure to have good outdoor speakers for quality sound.


Are you ready for your own backyard resort? Get started with a pool and contact Leisure Pools today ( and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.