It’s winter time and you may be longingly looking at your pool, wishing for the warmer months. This doesn’t have to be the case! While some may choose to winterize their pools, if you desire, you can use your pool all year round. You may be wondering how, so we’ve put together a list of the top three ways you can use your pool even in the cooler winter months.

1. Polar Plunge

People have been taking ice cold dips in freezing cold water for generations. Some do it because it’s exhilarating, some for the health benefits, while others do it to cool after after soaking in a spa. Yes, it does cool you down after using the spa and helps you not feel lethargic, but cold water plunges have been found to increase circulation, making you feel more energetic. It can even alleviate pains from rheumatism, fibromyalgia, and respiratory issues like asthma.

While some people have reap the benefits of a cold water plunge by turning their shower water cold or taking a dip in a cold lake or ocean, you can have the same benefits from your pool! If you do choose to keep your pool open all year round, you can use your pool like a cold water plunge–or even a cold water swim if you so choose. For those who own spas, you may find keeping your pool open for this reason especially desirable.

2. Warm Swims

If you have a heated pool, it’s easy to enjoy your pool all year long. Heating your pool does increase increase your energy costs, but you may find it’s worth it to be able to go for a swim anytime you like. It will enable you to stay fit by swimming laps or doing water aerobics–or even playing sports in the pool. Tip: keeping a pool cover over the pool when it’s not in use can help with the heating cost.

3. Indoor Pools

While many people enjoy having an outdoor swimming pool to enjoy the sunshine, an indoor swimming pool has benefits too. You don’t have to worry about weather, you can enjoy your pool even when it’s raining and dreary outside. Also, you can enjoy it no matter the temperature! You may also find that it’s less cleaning since there aren’t leaves, bugs or debris to clean.

Even if you decide not to actually swim in your pool during winter, your pool can still be open all year long and be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your backyard even in winter. You may find you enjoy looking out at the water even during the winter. Whether you choose to keep your pool open, or to winterize it, a swimming pool provides so much fun and joy. Winter is great time to start planning your pool purchase. Contact us at Leisure Pools today and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.