swimming pool designs.

A pool style for every personality.

From minimalistic and modern to freeform tropical escape, Leisure Pools offers a variety of fibreglass swimming pool shapes and sizes to suit all personal styles. Before taking the plunge, take a tour of the exciting collection of fibreglass swimming pools offered by Leisure Pools.

Your Pool. Your Way.

Use the filters below to find the pool model that’s just right for you.

The Acclaim

Available in 12.15m, 10.15m and 8.15m

A pool with the whole family in mind, featuring an expansive splash deck perfect for smaller swimmers or leisurely relaxing. Ideal for swimming with a gradual sloping floor, deep end swim out and large swim space. Visually stunning with our patented High Waterline design with dual weirs and hidden skimmer boxes.

The Absolute

Available in 12m, 10m and 8m

Absolutely everything packed into this impressive inground fibreglass pool. This chic and all-inclusive design, offers a built-in spillover spa, splash deck, gradually sloping floor and deep end swim out bench.

The Reflection

Available in 10m, 9m, 8m, 7m and 6m

One of our most versatile and popular designs with a long bench along one side of the pool. This allows for generous entry and exit as well as seating for all while relaxing in your backyard swimming pool. This fibreglass pool fits to almost any lifestyle whether it be a night by the pool or exercise and play for the kids.

The Reflection with Splash Deck

Available in 9.5m and 8.5m

How do you make a popular inground pool even better? By adding a splash deck to it! All the features that make one of our most popular pools are here but now we have a great place to add lounge chairs, bubblers or simply a place to dip our feet in with cool water, or wallow in on a hot summer’s day! The definition of backyard pool paradise.

The Reflection with Auto Cover

Available in 9.9m, 8.9m, and 7.9m

What is better than your own inground swimming pool? One that has an automatic swimming pool cover on it that gives you greater safety for your family and prevents debris from getting into your pool keeping it cleaner. Not to mention that is fun to watch autocovers gently slide open and close…hours of fun for the whole family!

The Harmony

Available in 8m, 7m, 6m, and 5m

One of our most flexible pool designs that also provides a wide variety of sizes to fit almost any backyard paradise. Kids enjoy the variety of steps and bench seating while parents enjoy having a full swimming channel within the classic rectangle pool style.

The Fiji Plunge

Available in 2.9m

Small on space shouldn’t limit your desire to have a pool! This compact formal design offers a long bench down one wall allowing the opportunity to sit and relax in the water! The Fiji Plunge is ideal for smaller spaces and still gives you a space to cool down and enjoy your swimming pool.

The Esprit

Available in 5.7m

Enjoy the benefits of fully featured swimming pool even in a small backyard. The generous swim length allows enough room to swim and relax in and the flat bottom floor is perfect for playing games.

The Elegance

Available in 12m, 10m, 9m, 8m, 7m, and 6m

With entry steps and a small bench for seating, this rectangular design is an award winner. It simply looks good anywhere, in almost any backyard, whether it be small or large. This is the quintessential inground fibreglass swimming pool that makes everyone happy.

The Olympus

Available in 4.65m

Good things come in small packages! Short on space but still want an inground swimming pool to cool off in, get a bit of exercise or simply relax and enjoy the water, then the Olympus could be your perfect match!

Perhaps a spa or water feature?

The Capri Spa

Available in 1.8m

This beautiful compact spa is the perfect addition to your Leisure Pool. Offering a simple seating arrangement to relax and enjoy the benefits that a spa can offer.

The Cascade (currently not available)

Available in 2.3m

The Cascade water feature filtration enclosure is a very popular addition to any pool in our range. Its smaller width makes it suitable for small pools as well as large.

The Waterwall (currently not available)

Available in 1.2m or 2.4m

The Waterwall is a unique water feature that can be installed beside any Leisure Pools swimming pool. It comes in two sizes and is available with a range of sheer decent options.

The Salacia (currently not available)

Available in 2.35m
Leisure Pools Salacia water feature for fiberglass swimming pools

Modern pillar design, serene raindrop sounds and the latest lighting technology combine. Available in two options, as a standalone water feature, or an in-built filtration enclosure.

Measurements referenced herein are approximate and may vary due to enhancements in the manufacturing process made after publication. Measurements are from widest point on each side of outside edges and are provided as a guide. Please consult your Leisure Pools dealer for more detailed and most current information.