Pools are a beautiful addition to your home, but if you want something a little extra special that gives that “wow” factor, a Leisure Pools water feature is a great choice. Also, each water feature can be customised with tiling to provide a unique look that complements your pools space. We offer these choices:


The Cascade



The Cascade is a great addition to your swimming pool, not only an attractive feature but one that also has a practical application. Its smaller width makes it suitable for small pools as well as large, and still boasts an enormous storage area for your filtration and pool accessories. Coming with a 600mm centre mounted silkflow sheer descent, it looks very stylish in standard form but can be easily optioned up with additional sheer descents.


Cascade Water Feature Specifications

Width: 2.38M

Height: 1.20m

Depth: .80m


Learn more here: https://leisurepools.co.nz/water-features/the-cascade/


The Waterwall



Available in two sizes, the Waterwall with its timeless style is a unique water feature in that it can be installed beside any Leisure Pools swimming pool. This Waterwall is the longest of the water features creating a dramatic statement alongside your pool and giving you the ability to maximise the length of the Silkflow. Leisure Pools has also created an innovated nook into the back of the Waterwall that enables access to the lid of the skimmer box so that the Waterwall can be located above the skimmer box.


The Waterwall Specifications

Width: 1.20m or 2.40m

Height: .60m

Depth: .33m


Learn more here: https://leisurepools.co.nz/water-features/the-waterwall/








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