pool installer in nelson, Collingwood, Motuek

Leisure Pools Nelson

Authorised local Leisure Pools dealer in Nelson, servicing Collingwood, Motueka and surrounding areas.

The Authorised Leisure Pools pool builders in Nelson is a locally owned family business offering pool sales and installation. Leisure Pools Nelson co-owners and brothers David and Simon Puklowski’s’ father John and his wife Sandra established their business in 1984. The Leisure Pools Nelson team of professionally trained and qualified fibreglass pool installers are ready to make your dream, of a life of leisure, a reality! They are your go to when it comes to inground fibreglass swimming pools.

pool installer in nelson, Collingwood, Motuek

Pool Installer in Nelson

Leisure Pools Nelson has been a part of the Nelson Region’s landscape for over 35 years. Not only will Leisure Pools Nelson deliver quality service, but you can rest easy knowing the Leisure Pools products are second to none. The Leisure Pools range has been architecturally designed to suit just about everyone’s tastes, housing styles and of course budget. Contact Leisure Pools Nelson now to start planning your new lifestyle!

Quality Pools in Nelson

Head Designer David is a Qualified Master Builder with 33 years’ experience building Swimming pools in Australia and New Zealand and Service Technician Manager Simon has been with Aquaflow for 25 years and his expertise is in pumps, filters and general pool maintenance. Leisure Pools Nelson pride themselves on making sure you have a clear and informed understanding every step of the way, they can turn your vision into a reality.

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For information and/or assistance in making the best selection for your pool, contact your local pool installer in Nelson, Collingwood, Motuek and surrounding areas, Leisure Pools Nelson. To get in contact with your local fibreglass pool dealer, call 0800 10 2345 or go to our Contact Us Page.