Slide Fibreglass Pool Maintenance is easy and gives you more time to enjoy your pool

Slide Less is more. Composite fibreglass swimming pools are low maintenance so you can relax and enjoy our Life of Leisure.

Slide Less chemicals.
More Fun.
Our composite fibreglass pools do not need a lot of chemicals to keep them clean the way concrete pools do. Less chemicals means more fun in the water and a cleaner, healthier swim. Leisure Pools Australia Allure Crystal Blue

Slide Less costs.
More savings.
Fewer chemicals means less money out of your pocket. No replacing vinyl liner means saving $5,000 - $10,000 every 5-7 years. Relax knowing that you are not wasting time & money on unnecessary chemicals and repairs. swimming pool costs

Slide Less algae.
More beauty.
Composite fibreglass pools with their smooth, clean surfaces do not attract algae and bacteria the way concrete pools do. Less time worrying about scrubbing & chemicals means more fun in your pool.

Slide Less rules.
More options.
Composite fibreglass pools are designed to be suitable for salt water pools.

Slide Less sadness.
More family.
Welcome your pets to play in your pool. With vinyl liner pools, you have to worry about rips and tears. With our composite fibreglass pools, no special maintenance is needed other than weekly balance testing. Two children playing with a dog in a low maintenance Leisure Pool

Slide Want more?
Think less.
Put technology to work. Learn more about robotic cleaners that do all the dirty work for you.
Fibreglass Swimming Pool Maintenance - woman lowering a pool robot into the pool

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