Leisure Pools Capri Spa.

The Capri Spa

Compact design. Simple spa enjoyment.

A perfect addition to your home to give you all the benefits of a soothing spa with simple seating arrangement.

The Capri Spa from Leisure Pools

The Capri Spa 1.80

1.80m Long by 1.60m Wide

0.90m Deep

Gelcoat Colours

A beautiful and stunning range of colour options that allow you to stylise and customise your Leisure Pools swimming pool.

Silver Grey

Graphite Grey

Shimmer Sky

Ebony Blue

Sapphire Blue

Crystal Blue


Diamond Sand

Accessorise. Stylize. Bedazzle.

Water Features.

Your continuous moment of zen.

Compose your oasis of tranquility.

Measurements referenced herein are approximate and may vary due to enhancements in the manufacturing process made after publication. Measurements are from widest point on each side of outside edges and are provided as a guide. Please consult your Leisure Pools dealer for more detailed and most current information.