As you consider buying a pool, you want to have peace of mind that you’re making the right pool choice and that it will provide worry-free ownership. At Leisure Pools, we understand the importance of a quality swimming pool backed by an excellent warranty. We build our pools to last a lifetime, so you can focus on building memories and not on problems with your pool. As you look at pools and their warranties, here’s what you need to know about our warranty.

What a lifetime warranty means

With many swimming pool providers only offering a seven year warranty, our lifetime warranty stands out against the rest. But, you may be wondering what that means–how many years is a lifetime? A lifetime warranty is defined as no less than 35 years, on both the structurally integrity of the shell and against structural osmosis on our Composite Armour™  pools. What most home-owners don’t realise is that there are Country limitations that determine exactly what time period this coverage is good for. We give every home-owner the security of knowing that our lifetime warranty is not prorated and for no less than 35 years. So make sure your manufacturers’ warranty stipulates a minimum time period of coverage.

What happens when you sell your home

When investing in the renovation of a home with a swimming pool, we all think that we may be in this location for an extended period of time. However life happens and sometimes we are required to move. So, what happens to this major investment in your backyard? We understand this and offer a transferable warranty, free of charge; within the first five years of pool ownership.

How quickly does your manufacturer require your warranty registration paperwork to be returned?

Almost all manufacturers’ require the completion of and return of this paperwork to ensure that your warranty is registered correctly. Leisure Pools offers a time period of six months for every home-owner to receive and return their warranty paperwork. There are some manufacturers’ that stipulate a return of paperwork within ten days from the beginning of construction in order to have warranty coverage, which is a bit difficult for a lot of people considering all the different things going on in those initial weeks. Make sure you have the time to return this paperwork before it means that you don’t have any!

What Osmosis is and how it impacts your warranty

Leisure Pools understands that osmosis is something that can affect fibreglass pools. Though manufacturers’ may not want to discuss osmosis, it is something that can, if it occurs, truly impact your pool’s look and integrity. The simplest explanation of osmosis are the “bubbles, blisters or bulges” that may appear on the shell overtime. Leisure Pools is proud to offer a lifetime structural warranty against osmosis on our Composite Armour™ composite fibreglass pool. Though other manufacturers’ may boast to offer the same coverage, make sure to read their exclusions because though they say they cover osmosis, but they often do not cover “bubbles, blisters or bulges” on the surface of the pool.

What happens in the event of a repair

For most home-owners, they will never have any problem with the purchase, installation and enjoyment of their pool. However, you should always be prepared for “what if”. We prepare for the “what if” every day on major investments with car insurance, health insurance, home insurance and more. We all need to make sure that in the event that something is to occur that we are covered. In the event that a minor cosmetic or other repair may need to be done, do you want to have to choose between repair or continued coverage? Leisure Pools is one of the only manufacturers that will continue complete coverage in the event that assistance is needed.

Though many of the above items are things that we may not like to discuss, we want every home-owner to be educated and to make an informed decision. We understand that there are many factors when choosing which composite fibreglass pool company to work with, but remember that in the event of an issue, it is the manufacturer of the shell that should be there with you.

We would encourage all home-owners to request a copy of the manufacturers’ warranty for review before making a final purchasing decision., always read before you sign and make sure that whoever you choose to buy from, they have your back!

If you wish to learn more about the Leisure Pools warranty or take the first step towards pool ownership, contact us today and Get Swimming in Quality and Style.