When it comes to selecting a swimming pool, the initial decision regarding the type of pool holds significant importance. This choice substantially affects factors such as cost, maintenance, aesthetics, and longevity. In this comparison, we delve into the advantages of fibreglass swimming pools over vinyl liner pools, emphasizing crucial considerations for your investment.


Fibreglass pools outshine vinyl liner pools in terms of durability. While the structure of a vinyl liner pool may endure for a couple of decades, the liner itself necessitates replacement every five years or so. Leisure Pools ensures durability through high-performance vinyl ester resin, providing strength and offering industry-leading warranties: a lifetime structural warranty and a lifetime structural osmosis warranty.

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Designs & Features:

Leisure Pools’ composite fibreglass pools present a diverse array of designs, sizes, and styles, replete with features. Options include rectangular or freeform pools, built-in splash pads, integrated spas, and even swim jets. These features are typically absent in vinyl liner pools, showcasing the innovation in our manufacturing process.

Finish & Colour:

Both fibreglass and vinyl liners offer a smooth surface with various colour options. Leisure Pools goes a step further with a UV, blister, and chemical-resistant gelcoat finish, available in seven stunning fibreglass pool colour styles, complete with a built-in sparkle for a shimmering effect.

Chemicals & Maintenance:

Leisure Pools’ fibreglass surface is chemically inert, minimizing the need for constant monitoring and expensive chemicals. This results in very low chemical usage and substantial cost savings in maintaining your pool.


A fibreglass swimming pool is not merely a luxurious addition but also an investment that enhances your home value. Studies indicate it can increase your home value by approximately 7%. Additionally, the pool ensures a lifetime of worry-free maintenance, in contrast to vinyl liner pools that may not hold the same value for home buyers due to long-term costs and maintenance considerations.

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Leisure Pools takes pride in crafting beautiful, aesthetically pleasing pools with a distinct “wow” factor. If you desire a pool that transforms your home and backyard into a stunning space, fibreglass is the superior choice in terms of appeal.

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