Contemporary design elements, patented ingenuity and an understanding of the needs of larger families all combine in The Elite.

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Features of the Elite

Elite Features

It follows in the footsteps of the popular Acclaim and Europa ranges, offering all the same stylish design elements and features, but with broader swimming areas for those with larger backyards or for larger families requiring more swimming space and alternative options for enjoying the pool.

It features a large splash deck that encompasses the whole width of the shallow end providing a great area for kids to play and families to relax, generous entry stairs for easy access, a flat bottom floor which is great for games and play and provides a large enough corridor for multiple swimmers to exercise or swim laps simultaneously.

The Elite forms part of the exclusive patented High Waterline design series with its dual weir and hidden skimmer boxes. This innovative approach to traditional pool design provides a full water look with a seamless transition to paving. With the visual aesthetic of the high waterline that hides the skimmer boxes, and the installation of drop edge paving it’s nearly impossible to tell where the water line finishes and the paving starts.

The Elite is a pool that will not only add timeless visual appeal but will provide endless opportunities for how you enjoy your pool.

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Colour Range

Shimmer Sapphire Blue

Shimmer Graphite Grey

Shimmer Crystal Blue

Shimmer Silver Grey

Shimmer Ebony Blue

Shimmer Aquamarine

Shimmer Diamond Sand

Shimmer White

*Artist rendition only not actual model

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The Leisure Pools Composite Armour™ swimming pool is a revolutionary advancement in composite fibreglass swimming pools. It offers the following unique advantages:

  • Full Vinyl Ester Resin Construction
  • High performance fibres reinforce with DuPont™ Kevlar®, Carbon Fibre and Basalt Fibre
  • Composite Armour™ Step Technology™
  • Exceptional Quality Control
  • Lifetime Warranties

Testing shows that a Leisure Pools Composite Armour™ Full Vinyl Ester Resin swimming pool is 111% stronger than a standard fibreglass swimming pool.

For more information please visit our Technology section.

Colour Range

Choosing the colour of your pool is an decision. It needs to be something that you like, that suits your landscaping and surrounds, and that makes you want to dive right in to your pool! Leisure Pools provides you with a great selection of colours to choose from across our Shimmer Range.

The Leisure Pools Colour Range has been developed over years of research, looking at different landscapes and surrounds, listening to customer feedback, and the drive to make swimming pools suit such a wide range of tastes. Our range not only looks good, but has excellent UV, blister and chemical resistance as well.

For more information, check out our full Colour Range page.

Pricing Information

Pricing of course is one of the most asked questions, but there are a number of variables to consider. Leisure Pools would like to assist you in your research of your fibreglass inground swimming pool.

We can offer services ranging from providing information on swimming pool prices and associated costs, providing information on your local Leisure Pools Swimming Pool Dealer, working with you to choose your perfect swimming pool style or just to provide initial information and ideas to help you throughout this process of installing an inground swimming pool.

Getting you in touch with your Local Leisure Pools dealer is a great starting point to start your life of Leisure!

Installation Process

Your local dealer will be able to provide you with an exact time frame of how long the entire project will take. As all of our pools are built to order this time frame will allow for the time to manufacture your custom built pool in the colour of your choice, the time required to obtain the required local building permits and the time required to bring it all together at your home .

Here is an example guide of the process from selection of pool to completion in brief. We should note that each Leisure Pools dealer may have slightly different time frames and but they will discuss this with you throughout your process.

  • Site visit and consultation with your local Leisure Pools dealer
  • Select Pool Position, Style, Size and Colour
  • Select accompanying equipment to effectively run your pool
  • Decide on additional accessories such as Automation, Pool Heating, Water Features, Landscaping, Lighting and Fencing.
  • Complete all details, place order and pay deposit with your Leisure Pools dealer
  • Leisure Pools dealer prepares plans and submits the Building Application to relevant authority for Approval
  • Your Pool is ordered with Leisure Pools Manufacturing
  • Once Building Application has been approved, excavation begins
  • Pool shell is delivered to site and placed into excavation
  • Pool is installed with concrete bond beam and coping (potentially more if you have arranged with your local dealer for additional paving, fencing etc)
  • Quality checks and progress payments are made on a stage by stage process throughout the build
  • The pool is cleaned and treated ready for use
  • Finally your local Leisure Pools dealer will provide you with full instruction and training on the use and maintenance of the swimming pool and all equipment
  • Your pool is ready to start enjoying your life of leisure!

(Important to note that Leisure Pools dealers may have different access to landscaping around your pool in terms of paving and fencing, and the payment schedules may vary slightly from the above)

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