Did you know that the colour of your swimming pool can create a certain look, vibe or aesthetic to your home or outdoor area? Imagine having a pool space that conjures images of the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, the dazzling beach sand of St. Ives or the clear, crystal blue water of Blue Lagoon in Turkey. With Leisure Pools, this can be a reality. Unlike many swimming pool manufacturers that offer only two or three colour choices, Leisure Pools offers eight stunning options. These fibreglass pool colours have been carefully chosen for their beautiful, look and how fantastic they appear in the waters of a swimming pool. There is also a colour option to fit an aesthetic.

These are the colours offered by Leisure Pools:

Ebony Blue

This gelcoat is black with a blue and white shimmer effect. It will create a deep blue colour when your pool is filled, and also give your space a sleek feel.

Graphite Grey

This dark grey gelcoat has a light blue shimmer in it. It is a lighter colour than the Ebony Blue, and will make your pool look clear and blue like the Caribbean.

Silver Grey

Set against a light grey base, this gentle but rich gelcoat colour is balanced out by complimenting specks of dark grey and shiny silver, then rounded out by glitters of bright light blue to beautifully capture sunlight. The overall effect is stunning, reminiscent of refreshing glacier pools.

Shimmer White

This bright, dazzling white gelcoat is imbued with shimmering flecks of light blue and silver, creating a crisp and sophisticated effect when filled with water.

Diamond Sand

This gelcoat colour is reminiscent of the sand on any beach. A light tan colour with a diamond-like shimmer is sure to make your pool look tropical.


The name of this gelcoat perfectly describes the colour. It is a turquoise colour with white shimmer and tiny black specks. The overall effect is similar to the Crystal Blue in that it makes the pool take on a clear, Caribbean look.

Crystal Blue

This gelcoat colour is a light blue with a white shimmer effect. It will enhance the blue colour of your pool water, creating an ocean-like swimming area.

Sapphire Blue

This gelcoat colour is one of the more traditional picks for an in-ground pool colour. This royal blue gelcoat has a diamond shimmer that adds just enough sparkle to set it apart from standard blue pools.

It can be a hard decision to make given so many choices, but you are sure to find a gelcoat colour that will match the style of your pool space with the Leisure Pools Colour Range.

The Colour Range also has UV, blister, and chemical resistance to prevent any type of damage that may occur.

For more information on the Colour Range and visual examples, visit leisurepools.co.nz to get Swimming in Quality and Style!